Proposed 2017 Budgets for some States

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Proposed 2017 Budgets for some States

1 Anambra N115.5 billion N58.9 billion N56.6 billion
2 Bayelsa N221 billion N84.3 billion N136.9 billion
3 Cross River N301 billion N226.48 billion N74.71 billion
4 Delta N271 billion N119 billion N152 billion
5 Ebonyi N127.3 billion N87 billion N40.1 billion
6 Edo N150 billion N75.1 billion N74.9 billion
7 Ekiti N93.4 billion N38.42 Billion N55.02 billion
8 Kaduna N215.9 billion N130.3 billion N85.5 billion
9 Kano N209.9 billion N130.5 billion N79.4 billion
10 Lagos N812.99 billion N300.5 billion N512.5 billion
11 Nasarawa N67.013 billion N30 billion N37.012 billion
12 Niger N108 billion N60.02 billion N48.04 billion
13 Ogun N221.129 billion N118.306 billion N102.823 billion
14 Yobe N69.4 billion N27.4 billion N41.98 billion
15 Zamfara N107 billion N70 billion N32 billion

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