How to Help

1.     Corrupt politicians don rubbish us too much o! E don do! We must ReclaimNaija!

2.     This 2011 elections, na we must to choose our leader! Our vote must to count!

3.     But How?!

4.     Everybody wey don reach 18 years must to go Register!

5.     If you no register and vote, things no go change o!

6.     After you vote, go back to see how dem count the vote.

7.     If you see any mago mago or wuru wuru as you dey register or vote, report to ReclaimNaija!

8.     How we go take report?

Call 070-06-66-22-22 (Calls only)

OR Text 081-66-66-22-22, 080-96-66-22-21, 081-20-00-66-22 (Text only).

You fit send email, picture and video to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OR go report for our website!

No forget to report the result wey dem announce for your centre o!

ReclaimNaija na the people wey wan make sure say Naija people get good government!

ReclaimNaija! Na we get am!