Your Vote is Your Power

Use it to ReclaimNaija

* Please don’t just sit in your house and complain about bad government, bad leaders, bad roads, poor electricity supply, poor health care, poor quality schools, the corrupt police, kidnapping, armed robbery and other bad things happening in our country.

* If we want a better Nigeria, we must take action and join the efforts to make it happen. God will not come down to do it for us. He has blessed our country with rich human and natural resources; we cannot expect him to come and physically help us to manage those resources wisely. Heaven help those who help themselves.

* If we don’t take action, things will get worse. Bad rulers will continue to waste and steal our money, and make us suffer unnecessary hardships.

* Let’s not forget that it is our money that government is spending. The money that corrupt politicians are stealing belongs to every Nigerian.

* According to the Nigerian Constitution government derives it power and authority from the people. This means that the people are above the government and that government exists to serve the people and to provide the good life to the people.

* It is clearly stated in chapter 2 of the 1999 constitution as follows:


“The Federal Republic of Nigeria, shall be a state based on the principles of democracy and social justice


It is hereby, accordingly declared that-


(a) Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government, through this constitution, derives all powers and authority;


(b) The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government; and


(c) The participation by the people in their government shall be ensured in accordance with the provisions of this constitution”


* It is, therefore, perfectly lawful for us, as citizens of this country, to demand our rights, and to make government render account to us on how they spend our money.




How to make government respond to our needs and serve us well


* The starting point is to make sure that we are the ones who choose our leaders through a free and fair election;

* If the election is free and fair it will send a strong message to the winners that it is through the power of the people’s votes that they got into office, and that if they don’t perform well, the people will not vote for them a second time;

* If  we allow the politicians to rig their way into political office, they will not care about us because we were not the ones that put them there;

* It is important that we make sure that there is no rigging in the 2011 elections

* After the elections, we should exercise our constitutional rights by making demands on government to provide our needs and ensure our welfare




2011 Elections


* Please go out to register when INEC starts voter registration so you can vote when the time comes;

* We have to be 18 years and above to register and vote;

* It is our duty to tell everybody we know who is 18 years and above to go out to register and vote;

* Report anyone below 18 years who goes out to register to ReclaimNaija on 0704-106-4855

* Register only once! It is an offence to do it twice!

* Pay attention to any message on the television and radio about the elections; ask questions if the message is not clear.

* Do not sell your vote. It is your passport to a better future. Do not destroy your welfare and the future of your children for a bag of rice, salt, or a few hundred Naira.

* Demand to know what the politicians that are campaigning plan to do for the people if they are elected; check what they have done before and use it to judge them!

* Go out and vote on Election Day;

* Vote according to your conscience; vote for the best candidate, not on the basis of religion or tribe;

* Make sure that your vote is counted by going back to the polling station when it is time to count the votes.

* Defend your vote; anyone who steals your vote is stealing your birthright and playing with your children’s future;

* Report any bad thing that happens during voter registration and during the elections to ReclaimNaija by calling 0704-106-4855

* Now is the time to make a positive change

* Your thumb is your power; use it to bring good people into government.